Mar 20 2009

Newbie Profits Launches

I’ve had this domain for awhile now and never got around to putting up the blog.  Just recently something happened that made me move this project to the front burner.  I will be making a post about it later today or tomorrow.  Not sure how long it will take me to get everything configured here.

The purpose of this blog is to help guide newbies, I am not looking to make tons of money from this site.  I may get a little bit of affiliate money from some programs or from the banner ads but I will not be promoting products just to make money.  I will only promote products and services that will help you out.  I don’t care if something pays $100 in affiliate commissions, if it is a crap product I am not going to promote it.

I will try to provide as many freebie products as I can.  But some products and services as well worth their fees.   Don’t be penny wise but pound foolish.

I have had many people help me out along the way and this blog is just my way to reach out and help others.   I’ve done some things right and failed miserably at others.  I hope you can learn and benefit from my experiences.  However sometimes we learn best by our own actions, whether we fail or succeed.  I have learned far more from things I have lost money on than things that were profitable right out of the gate.  You probably will too, just try to keep your financial losses to a minimum.

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