Jul 30 2009

Newbie Profits Now On Twitter


I’m sure you have heard of Twitter by now.  Are you utilizing it?  If not, why not?  Sure there have been a few “gurus” bashing it lately basically saying it is a waste of time but they are only trying to game the system.  Their only interest in Twitter is using it to make money, which can be done but not the way they are trying to do it.

Twitter is about socializing and networking.  If the only thing you are doing is sending out sales hyped tweets then of course your followers are going to either ignore you or unfollow you altogether.  You can make sales on Twitter but it takes a different mindset.

Now for some tips or basically a little review of Twitter related products.

I read my “tweets” with TwitterFox, a firefox browser plugin.  There are many other ways to read and post tweets, TweetDeck is very popular but I personally didn’t care for it.  I did like Twhirl but dropped it in favor of TwitterFox.  Those are the only Twitter readers I have experience with but I may try out more in the future and give an updated review then.

I’ll do a post about Twitter marketing in the future, for now you should start an account if you don’t have one already and get used to how Twitter works.  Twitter is free so jump on in.  Don’t forget to follow Newbie Profits, especially if you haven’t subscribed to the RSS feed.  I just created this account so there is not much history.  I decided it would be best to keep my personal account separate from my “business” accounts (ie - creating new Twitter accounts for each of my blogs).

If you have a blog of your own be sure to grab a free copy of the Tweet My Blog plugin.  You can also get a cool ribbon banner made for your blog at QuickRibbon.com - I just added one here at NewbieProfits.  You can also get free Twitter backgrounds or create your own.

Here is a great quick tutorial on how to make a ribbon banner at the site.  It only takes a few minutes and is so easy that even a newbie can do it Smile

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