Apr 18 2009

Turnkey Sites Lessons Learned

One of the common responses that I saw popping up regarding the post Lissie wrote (and prompted me to make the Avoid SBI post) was from people stating that you cannot know if something is a scam or whether it works without actually using the system.  That is simply untrue.  There are some things you learn along the way of making money on the internet that apply pretty much across the board.

A few years ago there was a quick easy to set up system for sale via Clickbank that went by the name “Dave’s Cool Little Website”.  It was $97 if I remember correctly.  All you had to do was buy a domain, set the servers to what you were given, then log into your account and plug in some easy information such as your Clickbank ID.

It was very simple and easy to get up and running.  There were no hosting fees ever, all you had to pay for from there on out was the yearly domain renewal (about $10).  The sites were good looking and had lots of features that were supposed to keep them fresh.  Making money would be gloriously easy, just promote your URL and enjoy the profit.

It was simple and easy for awhile.  However google has since deindexed the sites.  That has basically turned them into cyber waste, at least in their current form.  Google is king of the internet search world and if your site is not listed in Google your paychecks will be small.

Now I have the option of turning EasyAuctionDeals.com into a different site, perhaps a blog about auctions, but doing so changes the dynamic of what I had actually signed up for when I purchased the site.  If I pull the domain and use it for a different purpose I have to pay a hosting fee, which even though it isn’t terribly expensive it’s still  something I had never expected to pay.

The hosting fee isn’t an issue for me because I actually pay for a reseller hosting account.   (I own multiple websites at this point in the game.)  However if I was a newbie and had only budgeted the initial fee and yearly domain cost into the equation then I would probably feel rather ticked off by the turn of events.

That is the lesson I learned about turnkey sites and why I avoid them now unless I have the ability to change certain key elements of the site.  Turnkey sites that are all the same run into major problems in the search engines and will be penalized.  They are cheap though and can make money if you change them a bit so they aren’t exact copies.

Note: While this is like a review of the “cool little website” program the sites are no longer for sale by the creator.  I am not trying one of those reverse psychology sales tricks to get you to buy the program, even if it was still for sale I would not link to it.

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