Jun 4 2009

Quick Google Indexing

Nick over at Nick’s Traffic Tricks made a post about how to get a site indexed by Google quickly.

Read it at:

The method’s he lists are very good.   However I feel he missed a very important one and that is to blog about something that is “hot” on Google trends.  Those items are what Google is actively seeking for fresh content on because so many people are searching for them.  I have had a new blog indexed in minutes using that technique.

You will want to have a big ping list for your blog, I use the list over at Pingler.com then once you post you will want to do a quick Bookmarking Demon (BMD) run.  If you do not own BMD yet you can use a site like SocialMarker.com to bookmark a bunch of sites.  It isn’t as good as BMD but when you are just starting out and don’t have a great deal of money to buy tools take advantage of the freebies.

Since I have mentioned blogging about Google trends I will point out that trends blogging is a great way to get your feet wet in the make money online niche.  You are basically blogging the news, very easy to do and no worries about writer’s block because the news is constantly changing and with 100 “hot” items every hour there is always something you can write a quick 300 words about.

If you are interested you can check  out CurrentEventProfits.com and purchase the videos on how to make quick money as a trends blogger.   Be warned though that while adsense is quick and easy to get set up on a website, “smart pricing” is a real issue for trends blogs.  I would use another form of monetization, such as Clickbank.  I’ll address smart pricing in a future post.  It isn’t as big an issue for newbies but once you start building sites it is something you will want to understand more about.

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  1. jj-momscashblog (1 comments.) said:

    great post and great ideas about writing about trends that are top of current events, to get noticed on google. Especially great for newbies but there is a bit of money that they would have to invest to get any of those links that you put up. Thanks for great info. and links to get to. jj
    jj-momscashblog´s last blog ..From a Coma to My Blog My ComLuv Profile

    July 24th, 2009 at 3:14 pm

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